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Issue 34 – When Disaster Strikes; Detrack Does Not Stop

mobile phone showing no wifi available

Hi there,

After we received the news of serious slowdown in Internet speed from Australia, our entire engineering team volunteered to cut short their long weekend break to rush out a new feature for our users in Australia.

Your work is important to us and your ability to be able to continue with your work using Detrack even amidst a disaster, is something that we try our best to deliver even if it means putting our engineers on uncountable shots of Expresso over a weekend.

Some of our Aussie users have their deliveries getting stuck at submitting on the drivers’ app because of the slow connection (due to the damaged cables caused by the typhoons) and to help them clear the backlog, our engineers have rolled out the feature to “Force Resubmit Jobs”. This is live on the Android version and the iOS version is completed and awaiting the app store’s mandatory review (ETA to download about 2 to 3 days’ time).

Besides the “Force Resubmit Jobs” feature, Detrack has in place a workflow that supports drivers in situations like this and even in areas with poor connectivity.

As a matter of fact, do you know that Detrack is one of the few real-time proof of delivery apps that is able to work in offline mode?

While our engineers slowly wean off the caffeine overdose, the rest of our team is at your service. We are always dedicated to provide the best support to all our users, simply because we understand how important your work is.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Team Detrack


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