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Issue 32 – Deliver an experience, UBER style

delivery tracking on smartphone with map markers

Hi there,

Amazon has just hit the shores of Asia Pacific, and this is only the beginning.

The ability to retain your customers’ loyalty will now be put to the test. For E-commerce Retailers, the only physical touchpoint still remains in the last mile delivery, where it will determine the last impression your customers will have of you.

Impress your customers where it matters most.

Detrack believes in powering every company to create that perfect last mile customer delivery experience. And in line with this, we offer you Tap To Track (beta)!

Tap To Track offers you the ability to provide the ‘Uber-style’ experience of letting your customer watch their delivery come to them LIVE, with an ETA, by simply tapping on an URL on their mobile. It is easy, seamless and most importantly, there is no need for your customers to go through the hassle of downloading any app to do this.

Watch the new Tap To Track feature in action now.

Tap To Track is just the icing on the cake to Detrack’s comprehensive suite of features that allows you to personalize that perfect last mile customer delivery experience, anywhere in the world.

We are having a short 2 weeks beta for Tap To Track before releasing it to all our users. If you will like to hop on the beta program, just drop us a note at Limited vacancies available!

Team Detrack


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