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Issue 30 – New! Detrack Manager App

Woman using laptop to work on the Detrack new dashboard

Hi there,

Do you find yourself having to check the delivery status or to verify the POD of a job at times when you are away from your PC?

Now, you can gain convenient and fast access to the day’s delivery stats, PODs, job details, vehicle details and more. You can even customize to have events triggered (failed delivery, driver stationary for extended period etc), sent to your phone.

Say hi to the new Detrack POD Manager App, now available for download on Google Play.

You can expect more features to be added on to the Detrack POD Manager App and for those using iPhones, you are not forgotten. Our development team is already working to bring you the iOS Detrack POD Manager App.

We hope the POD Manager App will bring you more convenience in monitoring your operations even when you are on the move. Enjoy!

Team Detrack


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