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Issue 3 – Detrack Latest Features

API Integration and other features on the Detrack App

Hi there,
Thank you for being on board Detrack’s pilot program! Since the launch of our international pilot program on 27th Dec 2013, Team Detrack has been working round the clock to incorporate new features and make improvements to the Detrack dashboard. Now, thanks to the great feedback and support from you, Detrack Systems is fast maturing into the most comprehensive, lightweight and user-friendly delivery tracking and proof of delivery system.
Things are going to get very exciting with the possibilities Detrack Systems bring.

  • API To Integrate With Existing Systems, Software, Barcode Scanning Apps & More
  • Notification “Beep” On Drivers’ Smartphone When New Deliveries Are Added / Changes Made
  • New Fields Supported; Delivery Time Slot, Delivery Instructions, Items, Description, SKU & Quantity
  • Collection / Pickup Enabled On Dashboard & Mobile App
  • Customized Drop-down Reasons Selection for Unsuccessful Delivery / Collection
  • Supports Partial Delivery With Drop-down Reasons Selection For Each Item Rejected
  • Taking Multiple Photos POD & Taking Photo Tagged To A Specific Item
  • Capturing Both Photo & Signature POD
  • Option To Enforce Mandatory Signature POD
  • CSV Import & Export Of Deliveries & Collections
  • PDF Export Of All PODs
  • Summary Bar With Filters Of All Deliveries / Collections On Dashboard
  • Option To Disable Smart Sorting To Enforce Your Optimized Routes
  • Option To Customize Your Own CSV Import / Export Headers And Optional Fields
  • Smart Search Through All Historical Deliveries / On A Specific Day

(Note: All the above features are already live Google Play while most of them are available at iTunes. Due to Apple’s mandatory approval process for every update released through the App Store, our iOS version usually lag our Android counterpart by about a week or two. All the new features will be available in the upcoming release.)
We are certainly not stopping here. In fact as we approach the end of our pilot program on 31st March, our team continues at an amazing speed to build more features with the goal of bringing more value to your business and operations.

  • Delivery Tracking On Your Website
  • Sub-accounts
  • Reporting Features
  • Brand Exported PDF PODs With Your Logo
  • Brand Receiver Signing Screen On The Mobile App With Your Logo

We are thrilled to share that more and more companies have easily integrated Detrack with barcode scanning apps and other existing systems and have made Detrack an integral part of their daily operations. If your company is looking to integrate Detrack via our API and requires assistance, please contact Support at If you wish to receive an email from us on news of any of the upcoming features, please drop us a note at
We have made it our mission to provide your business with the most affordable delivery tracking and proof of delivery system that really does the work.
Thank you for choosing our solution. We promise to keep perfecting Detrack Systems for you.
Team Detrack


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