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“How A Valentine’s Day Catastrophe Turned Into A Business Idea” – Media Share From

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Detrack was featured in Tech In Asia sharing the amazing story of how Detrack started and how it is on its way to become the SaaS savior of all companies’ experiencing problems in their last mile delivery worldwide.

Here’s an extract sharing the story of how Detrack was born out of a logistics nightmare that happened one Valentines’ Day:

“It’s Valentine’s Day.

Your ‘special someone’ has made it quite clear they’re expecting flowers. So you do the decent thing and pony up for a lovely bouquet to be delivered to them. As the day arrives, you start getting antsy. Have they delivered it yet? Maybe you should call the delivery people to find out.

“Have you delivered the flowers yet? My order number? Hold on… oh you need to call your driver to find out? Okay I’ll wait.”

This goes on for several hours.

Now think of the delivery driver. He’s receiving calls every few minutes from the company, asking for real-time status updates that require them to pull to the side of the road and go through tons of paperwork.”

Solving The Problems Of TODAY

Find out about Detrack’s different take on the current climate of on-demand services like Uber and GoGovan and Detrack’s direction.

Read the entire story here:

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