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Here’s What Went Down at e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017

Team Detrack at e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017

Detrack has had our share of exhibiting at events in Jakarta, but e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017 left a lasting impression on the entire team with the sheer excitement the event generated, and the heap of media attention that came along with it.

Team busy
The whole team had their hands full

At the very start of Day 1, we were fortunate to have Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, BSc, Director General of Communications and Informatics, Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia, gracing the event and give an opening address where he passionately shared his views on the state of eCommerce in Indonesia.

The opening address given by the minister alone was worth the ticket, but the event more than delivers its promise to serve as a platform for the Indonesia eCommerce industry to bring together key players to encourage conversations on both strategic and operational issues.

Fanny interview
Fanny introducing ElasticRoute to the world

The convention center was bursting with visitors, and it was certainly interesting to hear everyone’s view on a wide range of topics, ranging from customer loyalty to on-demand logistics. The event was a great learning experience for the whole team, as we gained invaluable insights just by listening to others share their thoughts.

Routing Intelligence
Plug & Play Routing Intelligence

For Detrack, the highlight of e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017 was the introduction of ElasticRoute – the world’s first on-demand route optimization open API.

Our engineers have been working hard on it for months, so it was extremely rewarding for the whole team when we were finally able to share the news with the rest of the world.

Mr. Rudy Salahuddin
Mr. Rudy Salahuddin visiting Detrack’s booth to learn more about ElasticRoute

Rudy Salahuddin, Deputy, Creative Economy & SMEs Division, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs Republic of Indonesia, also took the time to visit our booth to get a more detailed explanation about how ElasticRoute works. He was stunned, yet very impressed when we assured him that absolutely anyone can make use of the solution for free.

Gabby Backdrop
Gabby was hard to miss

Detrack definitely generated our fair share of buzz at e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017 with our very own Product Ambassador, Gabby!

Gabby seemed to be everywhere. Throughout the event, she was proudly telling people about the newly-launched ElasticRoute, and was kept super busy answering questions by curious visitors. She also took the time to visit other booths at the event to find out more about a variety of interesting products and solutions, or just say hi.

Gabby was having a blast, and having her face as part of Detrack’s backdrop obviously piqued visitors’ interest. They were really eager to listen to what she had to say. Plus, having Gabby there in person to answer any questions they had regarding ElasticRoute made it easier for people to approach our booth to find out more.

Grab Indonesia
Hi, Grab!
Team Detrack
Team Detrack at e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of e2eCommerce Indonesia 2017 for having us, and providing an amazing platform for Detrack to introduce ElasticRoute to the world. The organizing team truly deserve all the praises they were getting as the event went on without a single glitch.

In case you missed us this time round, fret not. Detrack will be back in beautiful Jakarta on the 1st & 2nd November for Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017. See you guys there!


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