Farewell, Jane

December 2, 2016

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There are rarely sad days over here at Detrack, but I must admit that everyone was feeling a tad emotional during the final few days of November. The end of this month would also mark the end of Jane’s stay with the company.

Our fun-sized, oxymoronic (she can be both annoying and annoyingly adorable simultaneously) app-developer is no ordinary intern, as she was such a fun and dynamic character to have around the office daily.

Hello, humans. I am Jane

Never shy of expressing her views, this petite ailurophile is a constant source of laughter, tears, and confusion among everyone because of her very peculiar opinions on most subjects of conversation we have; she is at times akin to a 61-year-old naggy grandma stuck in a 21-year-old body.

We’ll miss your pull-hair level complaints

Jane’s six-month stint with the company was extremely fruitful, and her occasional rants were justified as she expertly created the Detrack Manager App during her time with us. Supporting or maintaining an app is hard enough for any student, but creating a whole new app from ground up is by no means an easy task – especially for an intern.

Besides providing us with random cat facts (did you know a group of cats is called a clowder?), Jane also gave the office fascinating insights of her university life and fellow peers. Remarks like, “I think boys who wear caps indoors are weird” and “people using headphones are mentally unstable” were typical and often very entertaining for the rest of us.

Any occasion is worth a celebration (more food!)
Just your typical Blue Fin Tuna Belly lunch in the office
Bribery at its best

While the food at lunch was a reason for all of us to celebrate, the spotlight remained on Jane throughout the day as each of us tried our best to persuade her to come back and join Detrack when she was eventually done with school.

To cap off an incredible – albeit sad – day, Detrack’s founders presented Jane with a spanking brand new Apple Watch as a token of appreciation for all her hard work. The reward was nothing short of what she deserved. She might be wonderfully wacky, to say the least, but no one could doubt her impressive programming skills.

Being shown how it’s done

No one wanted the day to end, as nobody wanted to find out what the office would be like without Jane’s random daily comments like, “I think all cupcake stores are rip-offs” or “who is Brad Pitt?”
Farewell, Jane. Good luck for all your remaining university modules, and we know you’ll miss us just as much as we’ll miss you. “Who is Brad Pitt?!” I told you she could be annoying.


Dason Goh

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