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Introducing Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization!

Detrack's Multi Driver Route Optimization

In logistics, efficiency is paramount. Every second counts, and every mile costs money. Innovative solutions are essential as businesses strive to meet increasing customer expectations for faster and more reliable deliveries. 

Enter Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization, a game-changer in last-mile delivery optimization that promises to revolutionize how companies manage their delivery operations.

What is Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization?

Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization is our latest integrated route optimization feature designed to enhance the efficiency of your delivery operations. Seamlessly embedded within the Detrack delivery management solution ecosystem, this tool eliminates the need to juggle multiple systems by offering a unified platform for all your routing needs. 

With V2, you can effortlessly plan and manage delivery routes, ensuring a streamlined process that saves time and reduces operational complexity.

At its core, Detrack Routing addresses the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), where routes are planned for multiple drivers with unassigned jobs. 

Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization

How to Use Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization

Let us walk you through Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization experience.

(Note: To enable this feature for the manager role, navigate to Users > Click on a user to edit permissions > Enable the checkbox for ‘Manage routes’ and ‘Manage Depots)

1. Adding your depot

To begin using Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization, the first essential step is to add a Start Depot. This depot is the initial point from which your drivers will commence their routes.

Additionally, you can add an End Depot, which will mark the endpoint of your drivers’ journeys. This field is optional and can be utilized if your drivers want to return to a specific location after completing their deliveries.

2. Creating routes for your drivers

Creating Routes via the Jobs Table

To create routes from the jobs table, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Jobs > Today’s Jobs.
  • Select the jobs that must be included in the route by checking the appropriate boxes in the jobs table.
  • Click on the Action buttons and select Plan multiple routes.
  • Proceed to fill in your route preferences, like
    • Time windows
    • Start and end depots
    • Service time 
    • Selection of desired drivers for the routes

The route generation process is quick, typically taking, on average, 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of jobs.

3. Viewing and editing your generated routes

After generating your route, you will be taken to the Route page to review and edit your route results. On the route page, you can view the job sequence and ETA of the stops in your routes. You can modify your route results by:

  • Reordering the sequence of stops
  • Editing the job details for a stop and reoptimizing the route

This functionality ensures you can modify the route results before sending them to your drivers.

4. Sending the routes to your drivers

Once you are satisfied with the planned routes, the next step is to send these routes to your drivers. Drivers will then see the updated job sequence and ETA for the routes sent to them.

The jobs table will update with each job’s corresponding ETA and job sequence. This synchronization ensures that all system parts reflect the latest route information, providing clarity and consistency across your operations.

Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization

What Makes This Version Better?

1. Quick and Efficient Multi-Route Planning

The Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization feature allows owners and managers to swiftly plan multiple routes for several drivers, easily addressing the complex Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). Detrack’s single VRP plan output includes multiple routes, collectively called a Route group. 

This streamlined process enables users to create a group of routes in just a few steps and within a few minutes, greatly enhancing operational efficiency.

2. Advanced Route parameters & configuration

Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization offers a comprehensive and customizable setup to tailor the routing process to specific needs:

Users can configure many route preferences such as time windows, working hours, depot selection, service time, avoiding tolls, and more.

Also, users can use the groups and zones features together with this feature to effectively segregate their jobs and ensure efficient job allocation to the right drivers.

3. Effective Route Dispatching

Once the routes are planned, they can be reviewed and modified if necessary:

  • Route Overview: Have a bird’s eye view of all your planned routes
  • Individual route page: View and modify your routes by resequencing or reoptimizing your stops
  • Send Routes to Drivers: Routes are sent directly to drivers with a simple dispatch action, ensuring they have the most up-to-date route information.


In conclusion, Detrack’s Multi Driver Route Optimization is a comprehensive and innovative solution for delivery route optimization. By simplifying complex routing problems and seamlessly integrating them into your delivery management system, it offers a powerful tool to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the dynamic demands of modern logistics. 

Leverage Detrack Routing and revolutionize your delivery operations, ensuring faster, more reliable, cost-effective deliveries that satisfy your customers and drive your business forward.


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