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Detrack Showing Our Moves at Tech In Asia Singapore!

Tech In Asia Singapore was held on 12th & 13th April 2016 at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Detrack team took a couple of days off from the office last week to fully embrace ourselves in the awesome-ness of the Tech In Asia Singapore (TIA SG) 2016, and boy, we weren’t disappointed!

The 2-day Tech In Asia conference has become an annual event held in various cities around Asia like Singapore, Bangalore, Tokyo and Jakarta to gather every and any kind of tech startups, investors and basically all like-minded tech junkies under one roof.

The team setting up along Bootstrap Alley

This year was Detrack’s first appearance at TIA SG and the team got busy right away, arriving early on the first day to set up our booth along the hustle and bustle of the Bootstrap Alley.

The entire convention hall was buzzing within an hour of opening its doors

It was such an interesting and eye-opening experience for the whole team as we mingled with all sorts of interesting startups at this year’s convention, particularly those Internet of Things (IoT) related. From health companies like, Nickelring which help users identify threats based on their location and notify them, to Shoka, which produces bicycle bells along with an app that allows users to customize different ringtones for cars and pedestrians, while also keeping track of cyclist’s habits and securing their bikes with theft alarms.

The Detrack team fully engaged with people wanting to know more

The team also had the chance to explain to all the visitors about Detrack and do a live demonstration showing our real-time notifications. The visitors were most impressed with how fast the company has grown in such a short amount of time. People were interested in how Detrack could have clients from such diverse industries from more than 40 countries.

One interested party happened to be CEO of Line Corporation, Mr. Takeshi Idezawa

We were honored to share with so many people about Detrack and what we do and were really excited to inform others the benefits of our software and app. We wanted to let fellow startups with any sort of delivery service know how easy it was to manage their last mile deliveries or collections, and how convenient it could be for their customers to be able to track their deliveries in real-time, while also having the ability to pre-empt recipients on any delivery.

Even former Singapore Idol contestant and fan favorite, Paul Twohill dropped by our booth to find out more about Detrack

All in all, the entire Detrack team had an amazing experience at this year’s TIA Singapore. We learned quite a bit regarding the latest trends out there in the tech world, while also being exposed to recent problems others may be facing. It is also most exciting to know that our latest upcoming launch – route optimization with auto-driver allocation and dispatch – is the perfect answer to issues faced by many companies out there!

We had such a great time at the convention. A big shout out to Tech In Asia Team for having us!

Definitely a thumbs-up to the TIA SG team for organizing such a stellar convention

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