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October 12, 2019

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Getting to know you

The Detrack family is expanding rapidly in recent times. With awesome new faces joining the various teams within the company, we wanted to set aside some time for everyone to officially get to know one another. After considering an array of options, we decided to bond over bowling.

Detrack family getting big!

Unlike our previous bowling session, which was filled with Battle Royale vibes, we wanted to use this occasion for all of us to just chill and chit-chat.

The last couple of months have been a little crazy (in a good way) for all of us. Engineers were busy working on new features, the guys from marketing were regularly discussing campaigns, and the sales team never seemed to be around, which is always good (more customers more money, yo!).

So, it was really nice to spend some time with the whole team outside the office, not thinking about work.

Detrack team bowling

Dust off those shoes

We divided ourselves into 3 groups, getting a good mix of everyone from the sales and support team, marketing and engineers etc. Even though it was meant to be a friendly session, I have to admit the air got a little tense after everyone put on their bowling shoes and got in their respective teams.

Bowling bonanza

With prizes on the line for the winning team, the bowling alley was soon filled with cries of encouragement and resounding rounds of applause every time someone had a strike or threw a spare.

When it wasn’t our turn to bowl, we were all still having an amazing time as we helped ourselves to the snacks and drinks provided that day.

It’s a wrap

After an afternoon filled with multiple methods of bowling and sore throats caused by overzealous cheering, one team emerged clear winners. The group consisting of Daniel, Joshua, and Aline (winners from the previous session as well!), Gabby, Lyn, and Sam won themselves the attractive prize for the day.

The winning team during bowling session

Try Detrack today

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Dason Goh

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