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Cut Your Paper Trail With Detrack’s Paperless System

Minimise paperwork with Detrack

Want to cut your carbon footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper delivery orders? Detrack now offers you a paperless delivery order and proof-of-delivery system that is efficient, informative, convenient and almost fully automated. Invoicing your clients can potentially be done within just minutes after a delivery is completed.

All the essential delivery details are fed from the Detrack dashboard direct to the driver’s Detrack app. Your driver can see the D.O. #, delivery address, recipient name, delivery time window and instructions for the delivery on a single screen on Detrack app. The individual items of the delivery, SKU and quantity can also be shown with just a single tap.

With the essential delivery details found in the app, your drivers can just refer to their smartphones as they go about their delivery rounds. In the case of unsuccessful or partial delivery, the driver can easily indicate and record the reason from an easy-to-select menu. Even the quantity rejected and the reason for each rejection can be recorded in a simple process of just a few taps.

All the delivery details including the time and location the POD was submitted, the status of the delivery (Delivered, Not Delivered, Partially Delivered), the digitally captured signature / photo and receiver name will be sent back to your Detrack dashboard the instant the driver tap submit.

Now, manage and control all the deliveries easily with our electronic POD system. No more waiting for your driver to get back with your paper delivery orders or manually scanning them for record or to email your clients. Simply download a PDF document of all the PODs containing all the above information and you can easily account for the day’s deliveries or go on to bill your customers.


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