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Mobile App Solution

Detrack offers you an easy-to-use mobile app-based solution that lets you track both your vehicles and deliveries in a single downloadable app on any iPhone or Android phone. Even your non tech-savvy drivers can now easily submit a POD by tapping on just a few big color-coded buttons.

A Seamless Add-On

Using Detrack is really just: 1. download our Detrack app, 2. add your devices, 3. add your deliveries and you can start tracking right away. There is no need to print any QR code or barcode; and if you are already using a QR code or barcode system, Detrack can easily scan them for you.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Know more than just where your vehicles are. Track their current speed, max speed, average speed and total distance travelled for the trip. Or if you prefer, switch to a bird’s eye view of all your vehicle locations shown on a map and zoom in to any vehicle to see its current location in greater detail.

Cutting Edge POD Technology

Capturing proof of delivery has never been easier. With our cutting edge POD technology, you can now capture the recipient’s signature using our app on your iPhone / Android phone, or take a picture as proof of delivery. You will also be able to know when and where the POD is submitted.

Real-Time Delivery Updates

Receive real-time updates via email (attached with signature / photo, if captured) for every order when they are delivered (or not delivered). You can also track the statuses of all your deliveries live in your dashboard. If you wish, your customers can also be notified of their delivery status instantly.

Let Your Customers Track Too

Let your customers track their own deliveries easily from your website. Simply enable the tracking widget from your Detrack dashboard, place it on your website and your customers can start tracking their own deliveries immediately. Now, happier customers is just a step away.

Switch To Paperless Easily

Delivery details including address, time slot, instructions, recipient name, D.O. #, item description, SKU and quantity are all accessible in the Detrack app. Record reasons for unsuccessful or partial deliveries right down to the quantity rejected and instantly download all PODs in a PDF document.

Use Anything Or Everything

Use Detrack to track your entire fleet, or to capture proof of delivery using our cutting edge POD technology, or just to receive real-time delivery updates. Use any of it, or all of it. Detrack offers you three powerful solutions in one simple app, and you get to choose what works best for you.

Lightweight & Ready To Go!

Our Detrack software solution is available to you as a service (Software as a Service or “SaaS”). This means that you can now leverage on our cutting-edge technology to boost your capabilities in the shortest time possible without heavy upfront investments. Start today — your first driver is free!

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