Signature POD & Multiple Staff E-mails

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Signature POD & Multiple Staff E-mails

Kudos to our development team who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you the latest and the finest, today we are proud to announce two new features immediately available to all our users; Signature POD and Multiple Staff E-mails.


Updating our app to the latest version will present you with two new options when you tap on the camera button in our Detrack app; Capture Signature and Take Photo Proof. Choosing the former will allow the recipient to sign on the Android phone (with a touch screen stylus pen or just the human finger) and the signature will be captured as the proof of delivery. Choosing the latter will allow your driver to take a photo proof of delivery as usual.


You can now add more than one staff e-mail address to send delivery updates to. This is useful if you wish to keep different departments in your company e.g. customer service, logistics, admin, etc. updated of the latest delivery statuses. You can find out how to do this under Customizing email notifications in our How To Set Up Email and Text / SMS Notifications For Twilio or How To Set Up Email And Text / SMS Notifications For Nexmo tutorial.

We are always on the lookout for any feedback or suggestion that may inspire the next feature. So if you have a wonderful idea don’t just keep it to yourself — tell us about it and who knows it may just make it in time for our next release.

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