Differences Between Twilio And Vonage (Nexmo)

Vonage (Nexmo) Twilio Able to display other phone numbers other than the number that Vonage (Nexmo) has assigned as the sender Unable to display other phone numbers other than the number that Twilio has assigned as the sender Able to display alphanumeric and other phone numbers as sender e.g. (Detrack or +6596941488) Only able to […]

Statuses Of Tracking Widget And Notifications

Tracking Widget Statuses INFO-RECEIVED STATUS Info-received status appears on tracking status when a delivery / collection job has been added or imported into Detrack job list. This shows that information has been received to process the delivery or collection. When a job is added, the tracking status Info-received will appear until the job has been […]

How To Set Up Email And Text / SMS Notifications

This article is regarding the setting up of Email and/or Text/SMS notifications in Detrack. The notifications are triggered whenever there a job status change to the selected Event. Email Note: Field Setup 1. Navigate to Settings > Job > Fields. 2. Switch on Notify Email. 3. Click Save. Notification Setup 1. Navigate to Settings > […]

How To Personalize Customer Email Notifications

You can personalize what your customers see when they receive email notifications on their collections and deliveries. Note: All the emails that are being sent out from Detrack will be using notify@detrack.com. If you wish to trigger from your personal email account e.g. john@gmail.com, there will be a need for you to create a middleware […]

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