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Effective route optimization is crucial for any company that relies on a delivery fleet. By planning the most efficient routes, businesses can not only reduce fuel consumption and operating costs but also increase the number of deliveries per day, improving customer satisfaction and overall profitability. It’s a win-win situation that every company should consider.

By simply adding Elasticroute into your workflow, you can reduce:


Vehicles Needed


Driving Time



Benefits of Adding Elasticroute

robust vehicle route planner

Eliminate manual route planning with Detrack’s ElasticRoute add-on

Managing a large fleet of vehicles can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to planning routes for deliveries. With manual planning, your team could spend hours every day on this task alone.

However, with route optimization software, you can generate optimized, reliable delivery routes in seconds, saving time and lowering costs.

Additionally, with manual override tools, you can accommodate clients’ special needs and ensure a seamless delivery experience.

Increase ETA accuracy for exceptional customer service

Easily keep your customers informed with accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) using ElasticRoute. With automatic notifications triggered by key events during the delivery process, such as departure, arrival, or delays, you can provide better customer service and reduce the number of inquiries.

Increase ETA accuracy
Generate 100s of routes in seconds

Generate 100s of routes in mere seconds

Keep your customers in the loop with accurate ETAs. With automatic notifications triggered by certain events en route, you’ll give better customer service, reduce those endless enquiries, and management becomes a breeze.

Stay ahead of disasters with predictive analytics

ElasticRoute uses predictive analytics to anticipate potential delays or problems and proactively adjust routes or schedules to avoid them. This can help ensure that deliveries are made on time, which can be a key factor in impressing customers.

Avoid disasters with predictive analytics
Make delivery management easy

Integrate with Detrack easily

ElasticRoute is deeply integrated with Detrack, meaning users have a frictionless integration experience. Read more about how ElasticRoute works with Detrack here. Discounted bundle pricing is also available.

Customize your routes

ElasticRoute optimizes your delivery routes to maximize efficiency, but if you need to make changes, you have the freedom to do so manually. These adjustments will be automatically updated on the driver’s app dashboard, ensuring that everyone has the most up-to-date information about the route.

eliminate manual route planning with Detrack
Cost Reduction

ElasticRoute enhances cost reduction

ElasticRoute is a great tool for businesses looking to save money on delivery costs. By optimizing delivery routes using clever algorithms, ElasticRoute can reduce the distance, time, and fuel consumption required for deliveries. This means more efficient use of vehicles and drivers, which can help businesses save money in transportation costs. 

Scale with your needs

ElasticRoute is a highly scalable solution that can grow and adapt to the changing needs of your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small fleet of vehicles or a large enterprise with many drivers, ElasticRoute can be customized to fit your unique delivery optimization needs. With its cloud-based architecture, ElasticRoute can handle a large volume of data and optimize complex delivery routes in real-time.

Additionally, its intuitive interface makes it easy to add or remove vehicles and drivers from your fleet, as well as adjust delivery routes as needed. ElasticRoute is the perfect solution to help your business streamline delivery operations, no matter how big or small your company may be.

scalable solution

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Eliminate Paperwork with E-POD
Capture signatures easily by signing on your IOS/Android phone. Save time, prevent disputes, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint with real-time Electronic proof of delivery. Rid yourself of paper delivery orders with an automated E-POD from the moment a job is completed.
Send Real-Time Customer Notifications
Keep your customers in the loop with real-time notifications sent via email or SMS. Automatically let them know when their package is pre-delivery, en route, or has arrived (and more). You’ll give better customer service and reduce those endless enquiries.
Bring your Brand to Life with Customizable E-PODs
Differentiate your brand and make it your own by customizing your E-POD. Place your company logo in the proof of delivery PDF file that is automatically sent to customers once a delivery is completed. Increase your brand exposure when customers sign for their deliveries.
Gain Valuable Insights with Customer Feedback
Record customer feedback easily upon collection or delivery. With the review option, you can learn how your customers feel about your product and service, and act accordingly. These reviews will be submitted together with the captured POD back to the Detrack dashboard in real time.
Stay in Control With Admin Visibility
Get notified whenever there are failed or partially completed deliveries with live updates on the admin color-coded dashboard screen, easily monitor driver performance and the statuses for the day’s deliveries. Stay on top of every job and resolve delivery issues swiftly before they turn into major problems.
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