How To Send Text / SMS When A Job Is Out For Delivery


Click on the pre-job event to open up the Edit Notification page
Select Delivery or Collection job for this notification trigger.
Select the groups of jobs to send text messages.
Select On job date to send the pre-job notifications.
Select when job is assigned to send the sms notification.
Select the field where the recipient’s phone no. is saved.
Type the contents of SMS to the recipients.

Pre-job event (out for delivery) triggers a notification when the job is assigned to a driver delivering on the same day. To set text / SMS triggers go to Settings > Notifications. Scroll down to Text / SMS settings to set up the Twilio settings. Then, go to Notifications section and click on Pre-job event trigger.


Pre-job event (out for delivery) triggers a notification when the jobs is assigned to a driver delivering on the same day, indicating that the parcel is out for delivery. The tracking widget will show out for delivery as the tracking status.


This event trigger is useful when the company wants to notify their customers that their orders are out for delivery. Once the the job has been assigned to a driver who is delivering on the same day, it will trigger the system to send a notification via email or text SMS to inform the recipient.

  1. Click on the Add Notification button to open a New Notification page
  2. Select the type of job to trigger a pre-job notification,
    • Jobs – trigger notification when both delivery and collection jobs are assigned to drivers delivering on the same day (out for delivery)
    • Delivery – trigger notification when delivery jobs are assigned to drivers delivering on the same day (out for delivery)
    • Collection -trigger notification when collection jobs are assigned to drivers collecting on the same day (out for collection)
  3. Events is by default Pre-job. However, if you wish to use the same setting for other events, you can include other events such as Scheduled etc.
  4. If you have a specific group of jobs that you want to trigger the pre-job notification, select the group/s that you have preset by clicking on the Group box. You can choose multiple groups to trigger notification or leave it blank if you want to trigger notification for all jobs.
  5. Select On job date for Pre-job when to send field.
  6. Select when job is assigned for Pre-job when to send field.
  7. Go to the Text / SMS section.
  8. For the Send text to job’s option, select the field containing the mobile number that you wish to notify when the event is triggered. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any text by not selecting any field.
    Tip: The Phone # and Sender phone # fields can be found in the Add Delivery form where you would usually enter the customer’s phone number.
    If you cannot find Sender phone # in the form, go to Settings > Delivery Settings and enable the field Sender phone #.
  9. If you wish to notify other recipients such as internal staff or 3rd party contractors, enter their mobile numbers (one per line) in the Other fixed numbers box provided. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any text to others by leaving the field empty.
  10. Type your customized text message in the text body field.
  11. A tracking link will be included in your text message after the text body. The link, when tapped on smartphones, will send the recipients to a direct tracking page where they can easily track the status of their deliveries. The recipients will also be able to rate the Goods / Service, the Driver, as well as provide feedback regarding the delivery to you.
    Tip: if you do not wish to include a tracking link in your text / SMS, simply uncheck the Include tracking link option.
    To be able to collect ratings and feedbacks via the tracking page, you need to enable the fields Goods Service RatingDriver Rating and Feedback Remarks via Settings > Delivery Settings > Fields.
  12. Click Save and send text notification button to send a sample text notification to the test phone # or click Save to save your settings.
    Note #1: the maximum number of characters for a text message is 160. If the resulting message is longer than 160, it will be broken down into two or more text messages and you will be charged accordingly in Twilio. Check out the text / SMS pricing at Twilio
    Note #2: our default text / SMS template may use up to 2 messages per notification. You may want to shorten it before you start sending notifications to your customers.

    To create a new notification, click on the Add Notification button, fill in the details and click Save.


Check out the tutorials below to create notifications for other event triggers.