How To Scan Item Barcode To Check Items For Drivers

Scan to check is a feature to help your drivers check that all the items for collection or delivery have been sent by scanning the barcodes of each parcel / item.

On the driver’s app, tap on into the Job > Items > Menu (top right corner) > Scan to Check > Scan the item barcode.

When the driver scans an item’s barcode, it will check the item’s SKU in the job against the item scanned.

If the item does not belong to the job, it will show a pop-up message indicating that this item does not belong to this job. If the item belongs to this job, a message will show saying that it is indeed a correct item. When all items for the job have been checked, a message will show that all items have been checked.




To switch on / off the torch (light) during scanning, press the “Volume Up” / “Volume Down” button of your device.