How To Use The Group Feature To Restrict The Information Available To Each Sub-User

This tutorial is regarding the use of the Group feature to restrict the information that can be viewed by the various sub-user.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Job > Fields > Enable the Group > Save.

Assuming that there are 5 sub-users and 3 groups.

Sub-user Group
Adam Apple
Betty Banana
Ortega Orange
Vincent No Group
Wayne Apple, Banana, Orange

Thereafter, if a vehicle or job is tagged with the appropriate Group, only the sub-user belonging to the respective Group will have access to the Vehicle or Job, while the sub-user who is not tagged to any Group will have access to all of the jobs.

For example, if there are 4 jobs with various Group being tagged to each respective job.

Adam, Betty and Ortega will only have access to the jobs tagged with the same Group as their assigned Group; both Vincent and Wayne will access to jobs D1, D2 and D3; and only Vincent will have access to D4.

D.O. No. Group Accessible by
D1 Apple Adam, Vincent, Wayne
D2 Banana Bob, Vincent, Wayne
D3 Orange Ortega, Vincent, Wayne
D4 None Vincent
Group of the Jobs / Permission User (Group)
User (Group) Apple Banana Orange No Group
Adam (Apple) Yes No No No
Betty (Banana) No Yes No No
Ortega (Orange) No No Yes No
Vincent (No Group) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wayne (Apple, Banana and Orange Groups) Yes Yes Yes No

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