How To Use Search Jobs To Generate Reports

By using the various search criteria, you can get information such as the number of jobs per driver/vehicle, jobs under a particular job status, jobs for a particular customer (deliveries, collections or both) or jobs created over a period amount of time.

The search conditions are:

  1. Detrack Job Type (Delivery or Collection)
  2. D.O. No.
  3. Date (Date range)
  4. Start Date (Date range)
  5. Job Time
  6. Time Window
  7. Tracking No.
  8. Address
  9. Deliver To / Collection From
  10. Open to Marketplace
  11. Order No.
  12. Job Type
  13. Group (drop-down list of groups)
  14. Run No.
  15. Account No.
  16. Invoice No.
  17. Assign To (drop-down list of vehicles/driver)
  18. Zone
  19. Job Status (drop-down list job statuses)
  20. Reason (list of reasons for failed deliveries and collections)
  21. Item Reject Reason (list of reasons for item rejection under delivery and collection)
  22. Serial No.
  23. SKU
  24. Item Description
  25. Item Serial No.
  26. Item P.O. No.
  27. Item Batch No.
  28. Source
  29. Department

The search criteria shown and the names of these search criteria displayed will be based on your customized field settings located in Settings > Job > Fields.

For example, you can filter the results of Delivery or Collection by using the Detrack Job Type search critieria.

After you have entered the search criteria, click Search to display the results on the dashboard. To create a report, enter the search criteria, select the Export Options you wish to enable, press Export and select either Excel or CSV.

Default Dashboard Field Name API Field Name Data Type Search Type
Account Number account_number String Whole
Address address String Partial
Customer customer String Prefix
Date date Date Range
Department department String Partial
Invoice Number invoice_number String Whole
Job Type job_type String Partial
Deliver To Collect From deliver_to_collect_from String Partial
Order Number order_number String Whole
Run Number run_number String Whole
Reason reason String Whole
Start Date start_date Date Range
Serial Number serial_number String Whole
Source source String Partial
Job Time job_time String Prefix
Time Window time_window String Whole
Tracking Number tracking_no String Whole
Zone zone String Whole
Default Dashboard Field Name API Field Name Data Type Search Type
SKU sku String Whole
Item P.O. No. purchase_order_number String Whole
Item Batch No. batch_number String Whole
Item Description description String Partial
Item Serial No. serial_numbers String Whole

Example data: Pineapples and oranges

Search Type Description Search Example
Partial Search matches any of the word/s in the Example data. oranges
Prefix Search of the prefix (starting characters) in the Example data. pine
Range Range of values (Applicable only to date related fields).
Whole Search must fully match the Example data. Pineapples and oranges

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