How To Tag A Delivery To A Group

There are 3 ways to tag a delivery to a Group.

  1. By manual entry into the delivery form
  2. Through the Actions button
  3. By CSV / Excel import

How To Assign A Job To A Group

  1. Go to Jobs > Deliveries / Collections > Click on the date of the delivery on the calendar.

  2. Under Deliveries tab, click on Add Delivery button or click on the existing current job to reveal a Delivery form.
  3. After filling in the delivery details, click on Groups column and select the group to be assigned.
  4. Click Save.

How To Tag A Delivery To A Group Through The Actions Button

  1. Select the job/s.
  2. Click the Actions button > Assign Group.
  3. Select the Group > Save.

How To Tag A Delivery To A Group Using CSV / Excel

To tag a delivery to a group using CSV / Excel, users have to create an additional column for Group.

  1. Open your CSV / Excel file
  2. Insert a column to the list
  3. Create a Group column in the header
  4. In the individual list of deliveries, enter the group name to be tagged to
  5. Save the file
  6. Import the file into Detrack.