How To Send Text / SMS When A Rating / Feedback Is Submitted

This article is regarding the sending of a notification when a rating / feedback is collected through the Tracking Widget.

  1. If you like to receive an email or SMS notification when there is a customer feedback or rating submitted, go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Go to the Notification settings tab and click on Add Notification
  3. Under the Add Notification form, select feedback in the Events field. 
  4. Navigate to the Text / SMS tab.
  5. There are 4 options for this field.
    Field Description
    Select Field None. Does not take reference from any of the job fields for sending out text / SMS.
    Phone No. Takes reference from the Phone No. for sending out the Text / SMS.
    Sender Phone No. Takes reference from the Sender Phone No. for sending out the Text / SMS.
    Other Phone Numbers Takes reference from the Other Phone Numbers for sending out the Text / SMS.

  6. Other Fixed Numbers (Optional)
    – Entries in this field will always trigger the Text / SMS notifications.
  7. Enter your customized text message in the Text / SMS body field.
    Note: Your SMS service provider will charge you > 1 credit per SMS if the the number of characters in your SMS is > 160 characters.
  8. Click Save when done.

Related variable tags:

  • {{feedback_remarks}}
  • {{goods_service_rating}}
  • {{driver_rating}}

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