How To Resubmit A Wrongly Sent / Failed Collection Status

This tutorial show users how to resend correct status if POD (or failed delivery / collection) status is updated wrongly.

The driver can always override the delivery / collection status for any delivery / collection that happens on the same day.

All they have to do is to click on the same delivery / collection on the driver’s Detrack App, capture and re-submit the POD.

The system will capture and reflect the latest POD status.


  1. Assuming that the driver had submitted a wrong Collected (Completed) status at the beginning.
  2. To change the status, tap on the job to enter the job screen.
  3. If the job is meant to be Failed, tap on the Red X Button.
  4. Select the reason for Failure.
  5. Tap YES.
  6. The job will become Not Collected.
  • when a POD status is resent, it will trigger delivery / collection status email notifications.

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