How To Rearrange Jobs In A Route

This article will provide the steps on how to rearrange jobs in a route (already optimised) within Detrack Route Optimization. Note: If your existing route contains a completed job, you will be unable to edit the route.


  1. Navigate to Routes.
  2. From the Route table, select an existing route.
  3. At the bottom of the panel in the routing page, click the Edit route button to enter edit mode.

4. By holding and dragging a job entry in the panel, you are able to rearrange the jobs. This process will change Job Sequence No and ETA time of jobs if changes are saved. It will also change the total time, distance, and time for the driver. Before: After: 5. If satisfied with the rearrangment of jobs, click Save route changes. If not, you can choose to cancel.

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