How To Enforce A Verification Code Prior To Completing Or Failing A Job

This tutorial is regarding the request for a Verification Code in the Driver App prior to completion or failing a job in the event a signature is not being captured.

Setting Up the Email / SMS Text Notifications

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notification > Notification > Notification Settings > Add / Edit your notification template.

  2. In the body text, include the {{verification_code}} into the body.
  3. If setup correctly, your customer will receive an email or text with the Verification Code.

Customizing The Reasons For Enabling The Verification Code

  1. Navigate to Settings > Delivery / Collection > Notes
  2. Create the reason/s that require a Verification Code.
  3. Click Save when done.

Driver App

  1. Tap into the job in the Driver App.
  2. Tap on either the Green tick or Red cross button to select the reason.
  3. When no signature is being captured, the prompt for Verification Code will appear.
  4. Enter the Verification Code from the customer to complete the job.

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