Make Detrack Work With Barcodes

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Make Detrack Work With Barcodes

Are all your deliveries marked by barcodes? Now, enjoy enhanced ground visibility of your delivery operations with real-time vehicle tracking, instantaneous delivery statues notifications and electronic POD, without having to change the way your operations work.

Detrack Systems’s vehicle tracking and proof of delivery system can be integrated with barcodes scanning capabilities in a few quick steps. So easy and fuss-free, you can get it done within minutes.

If you are looking to take advantage of our lightweight vehicle tracking and proof of delivery app solution with your existing barcode system here’s how it can be done:

1. Import your deliveries with the barcode number as the D.O. # for each delivery. Find out how to import deliveries here:

2. Download a barcode scanner app (with custom search capability) onto your Android smartphone e.g.

3. Edit the “Custom search URL” under Settings to: detrack://?do=%s

4. Once setup, all your driver needs to do when he / she complete a delivery is to scan the barcode with the barcode scanner app, tap the “Custom Search” button to launch our app with the delivery opened. Your driver can then capture and send POD back to your dashboard real-time.

The POD will be time-stamped and geo-tagged, meaning you will know the time and location when and where the POD is submitted. Contact our team at for assistance in integrating Detrack with barcode scanning apps.

There’s an update of the barcode scanning capabilities of Detrack POD App right here.

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