Issue 9 – Have You Seen Your Latest Dashboard?

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Issue 9 – Have You Seen Your Latest Dashboard?

Hi there,

If you have not logged in to your Detrack dashboard today, you may not have seen the latest changes in the Vehicles tab interface.

One of our pipelined developments is to make your Vehicles tab more useful for your operations. In the past, you would get a green vehicle box header only if the vehicle is connected and has obtained a GPS location (which requires clear sky view). However, this proved to be lacking when you are trying to find out if your driver has started the app and downloaded the job list – with or without GPS location.

In our update today, we added more signals to the vehicle boxes, providing you with the ability to tell when your driver started his / her Detrack app – in addition to when and where the vehicle is last tracked.

Coupled with the latest release of our Detrack Android app (v1.2.15) which finally brings indoor tracking capability to your drivers, your vehicle boxes now track your drivers’ stationary status, location, speed, and mileage more reliably than ever before.

Detrack Android App v1.2.15

Have your drivers updated their Detrack Android app to the latest version (v1.2.15)? Our latest version comes with much better GPS performance, indoor tracking capability, and more efficient data consumption. Not to mention it supports all our latest features including capturing signature timestamp, photo timestamp, capturing photo #5 as well as being able to SMS instead of calling recipient.

If you hadn’t, check with your drivers today if they are already running the latest version of our Android app. All they need to do is just to open Google Play on their Android device, search and open Detrack listing, and then tap on the Update button (IMPORTANT: there is no need to uninstall and install again else you will need to update your Detrack ID – the update button will suffice).

We hope that you like the latest update we bring to you. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this feature, please do not hesitate to contact Meanwhile, please stay tuned for more releases coming your way in the coming weeks.


Team Detrack


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