Issue 5 – Goodies Packed in Detrack’s Revamped Dashboard & Mobile App

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Issue 5 – Goodies Packed in Detrack’s Revamped Dashboard & Mobile App

Hi there,

Greetings from Team Detrack! Our latest launch in August unveiled many goodies for our users including top wish list items like creating Sub-Users / Accounts and Contacts (Address Book).

Here’s a real quick review of what is new and what has been improved on Detrack’s dashboard & Mobile Apps.

Detrack Dashboard

1. Create Sub-Users / Accounts – Add users with assigned roles such as Manager, Customer Support Officer (CSO) and Customer. These users can access the Detrack dashboard view of your organization with their own logins with limited rights as defined by their roles. Find out more regarding multiple users here.

2. Create Contacts (Address Book) – You can now add Contacts (or Address book) so that when you add a delivery or a collection, it will automatically populate the Address and other fields in a dropdown view when you start typing in the “Delivery to” field.

3. Dashboard User Interface Enhancements – We have done some housekeeping and tidied up the tabs on the Detrack dashboard for easier navigation. Usability improvements like auto sorting the last updated delivery / collection to the top are amongst them.

Detrack Mobile App

1. Reduced battery & data consumption with less frequent pings to the server

2. Option in Delivery / Collection Settings to enforce mandatory signature name

3. Option in Delivery / Collection Settings to enforce mandatory photo

4. Capturing time stamps for photos at delivery level

5. Option in Vehicle Settings to select the interval for drivers’ location updates from default of 1 minute (reduces the amount of tracking data sent back to server thus reducing the amount of data consumed)

6. Open attachment from app – could be a link to a PDF online, a website, a photo, or a special link to open other apps

7. Usability improvements i.e. arrival time captured and barcode scanned are displayed in a popup to the user

Our team is now prepping up for our next big launch with more goodies packed in for all our users. In the meantime, check out Detrack’s Facebook page for the latest buzz and exciting updates


Team Detrack

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