Issue 19 – One Time Setting To Reduce Customer Support Calls

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Issue 19 – One Time Setting To Reduce Customer Support Calls

Hi there,

Detrack’s tracking widget (customer track and trace) is now enhanced with proven features that will reduce the number of customer enquiries you get about job statuses.

Here’s the highlights of the new tracking widget.

More Statuses:

Your customer will be able to gain more detailed information about their jobs with more available statuses. The new “In Transit” status tells of shipment being processed and the “Out For Delivery / Collection” status tells of their order being dispatched. You can also edit the legend of the statuses or define them to reflect your own workflow.

Indication Of Delivery By Date:

The widget now caters to your SLA. If the job may take a few days before completion, you can inform customers of the delivery by date so that they will only check back if the item is not delivered or collected by the promised date. The system can now auto-calculate the deliver by date by inputting your SLA days and the days that no deliveries will be done (eg: weekends).

View Location Of Vehicle On Map:

The tracking widget now shows the location of the driver on a map view. Should you not wish for your customers to see the location of the driver, you can opt to disable the view.

Place Holder For Your Customer Service Contact:

You can input your customer service hotline and email address for your customers to easily contact you in the event of correcting wrong delivery address or other urgent matters.

It is easy to start the one-time configuration to make the tracking widget work for you, learn how

Stay tuned with us for the next feature release – Automated pre-delivery SMS and email notifications. We wish you many wonderful days ahead with zero customer support calls!


Team Detrack

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