Issue 14 – New Sticky Jobs, Groups Recap, and Helpdesk Issue

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Issue 14 – New Sticky Jobs, Groups Recap, and Helpdesk Issue

Hi there,

Happy New Year!

To usher in 2015, the entire Detrack team is going on full throttle to bring to you, Detrack App Version 2 – our biggest launch till date – coming to you in the early first quarter of 2015.

Right Now, Here’s A New Feature To Start 2015 With:

Do you have an urgent delivery or a certain job type that you want to indicate as a priority job shown to your drivers? Now you can have priority jobs stick to the top of the list on your drivers’ Detrack App until they are completed. This will serve as a reminder to your driver that the prioritized / important jobs need to be taken care of first.

Find Out How You Can Use The Sticky Jobs Feature Here:

A Recap On Setting Up Client Logins:

In our previous mailer, we introduced how you can create Client Logins for your regular clients to track and trace their own deliveries.

Since then, we have prepared an email template (embedded in our tutorial here: for you to inform your clients the benefits of the new tracking portal you are offering them together with instructions of how to start using it.  You can freely edit this email template and brand it with your company logo before sending it off to your clients.

And We Apologize For The Helpdesk Issue…

If you have previously opened a ticket with us via our helpdesk, you may have received multiple emails informing you that the ticket is going to be closed. This is due to a glitch in the Helpdesk software that we are using. Please be assured that this has already been resolved and you should no longer receive the same emails again.

For those who have missed our previous mailer, you can find our entire newsletter archive at our blog at

Here’s the one about creating a Client Login:

Wishing you and your team a wonderful 2015!


Team Detrack


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