Issue 13 – How To Create A Login For Your Client

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Issue 13 – How To Create A Login For Your Client

Hi there,

Do you wish to have a web portal where your clients can log in anytime to track their own deliveries? The good news is, now you can use Detrack’s Group function to help you achieve this in a few easy steps.

Power up the value you provide to your clients by letting them enjoy the benefits of full delivery visibility with a Detrack Client Login. They can track their deliveries with real-time updates, search for any particular delivery and even download the PODs themselves without having to wait for delivery notifications from you or call.

This brings multifold benefits to both you and your clients; together you can elevate your customer service level, resolve potential disputes and delivery issues reduce miscommunications during the delivery communications chain, go paperless and so much more.

You can learn how to create a Client Login here:

Creating a Client login is useful for 3PLs delivering for contract customers and companies doing milk runs. For those who wish to let your end customers track a specific delivery, you can use our tracking widget instead.

Find out more about the tracking widget functions here:

Team Detrack looks forward to deliver even more value to you in the New Year. A quick teaser – a new improved version of our Detrack Driver App with several highly requested features including co-branding of your logo on the App, PUSH notifications, drivers to add jobs and many more will be making its way to you in early 2015.

Wishing You A Wonderful Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Team Detrack


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