Detrack Is Ready For Collection

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Detrack Is Ready For Collection

Detrack’s vehicle tracking and Proof of delivery system extends into catering for both collections and deliveries. If you are a courier or require your driver to collect or pickup, you can now enter collection details into the Detrack dashboard and have them synced to your drivers’ smartphones. Just like deliveries, you can start tracking collection progress and receive instant notification upon completion of collection.

Have a pickup for your driver while he is on the roads? No problem, just add the collection in your Detrack dashboard and there will be a notification “beep” on your drivers’ phone to inform him that there has been a new job added.

We have designed Detrack’s collection feature with maximum flexibility so as to cater to the way you work as closely as possible. The collection feature supports fields such as DO#, collection time slot, person to collect from, address, instructions, items description, SKU, quantity and more. Most of these fields are optional which means they can be omitted if your operations do not require them. If your company uses different header names for the fields mentioned, we have the option for you to easily customise them on your Detrack dashboard settings to reflect your own headers.

Here’s a quick introduction of how the collection feature on the Detrack app works.

All the necessary collection details will show up on your drivers’ smartphone with collections highlighted and indicated with the acronym ‘C’, on the screen where all jobs are shown. Once your driver picks up the required items, he can collect a photo proof and / signature or simply send back a collection completed notification. The collection completed notification will be time-stamped and geo-tagged to the last known location of the driver.

Should the pickup or collection be unsuccessful, the driver can also capture a photo proof and / signature and select the reason from a dropdown menu (reasons can be customized by you to your business needs). If you wish to capture a photo for each item that is rejected it can be done by going to the list to select the item and capture a photo before submitting the proof of collection notification; the photo taken will be tagged to the specific item. All these information will be reflected real time on your Detrack dashboard to keep you informed of the collections statuses.

Now, with Detrack, you can increase ground visibility of your fleet and deliveries with real-time feed of the collection and delivery statuses.

If you have more questions for us about the collection feature, please drop us an email at We will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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