How To Let Your Customer Track Your Driver Delivering To Them On The Map

When your customers use Tap To Track custom tracking link, they will be able to see the visuals of the driver icon moving live on the map towards their delivery address as well as the dynamic ETA; starting from when the drivers are heading to their address.

The steps below will give you a better understanding of how Tap To Track works and will also guide you along the essential one-time settings that are required before your customers can use Tap To Track live.

A. Set up text and / or email notifications to customers with Tap To Track custom link
B. Activating Tap To Track required settings
C. Drivers new workflow of heading to next location
D. How your customers can Tap To Track

Section A: Set up text and/or email notifications to customers with Tap To Track custom URL

First, you need to set up a heading-to email / text notification so that when your drivers trigger “heading to”, your customers will get an email / text with the unique URL for them to Tap To Track their deliveries.


Set up your email settings and SMS / text notifications by following these guides for using Twilio and Vonage(Nexmo). You may skip this step if you have already set up your email notification.

  1. Go to Settings > Notification
  1. Click on Notification Settings tab and click heading-to.
  1. Click on the Email tab and switch on Send Email to.
  1.  Next, scroll down to Email Body and ensure that the following codes are in the text body of the email.
     {% if tracking_link != blank %}
     Track job status: {{tracking_link}}
     {% endif %}
  1.  Should you wish to send the tracking link via text / SMS, click on Text / SMS tab and select Phone No. under Send Text / SMS from field.
  1. Next, switch on Include tracking widget link and click Save

How to sign up for text/SMS account, you can refer to this Vonage(Nexmo) tutorial or Twilio tutorial guide.

Section B: Activating Tap To Track required settings

  1.  Go to Settings > Job > Options > select your country under Country for address geocoding field.
  1. Next, go to POD tab and switch on Prompt for next location upon job completion under Settings > Job > POD. When this option is switch on, the driver’s app will prompt your drivers to select the next location after a delivery is completed.
  1. Should you wish to allow your drivers to calculate the Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) when they are heading to the next location, switch on Prompt for ETA under Settings > Job >POD.
  1. Should you wish to allow your customers to rate and leave their feedback on your goods, service or driver after your driver has completed the job:

Activate the option to provide feedback feature on our tracking widget by going to Fields tab.

Scroll down to check the box for Goods Service RatingDrivers Ratings and Feedback Remarks under Settings > Job Settings > Fields.

  1. Should you wish to use your own longitude and latitude for the destination address, you can refer to this tutorial guide.

Section C: Brief your drivers on new workflow of heading to next location

You will need to communicate with your drivers that they need to indicate the delivery they are heading to next. For drivers on Android smartphones running Detrack on app version (xxx), the heading to next location will be auto-prompted.

  1. On driver’s app, the driver will tap on the Job > Camera icon > Head To Location and the email notification will be sent to the customer to inform that the driver is on his way to the customer. Alternatively, the driver can tap on the Menu > Head To Location to send the email or text notification with the tracking link.
  1. After the driver completes his first job, the driver will tap on the green button to submit the POD. Thereafter a pop up “Select Next Location” will appear to prompt the driver for his next job location.
  1. The customer will receive an email notification informing that the driver is on his way!

Section D: How your customers can Tap To Track

Upon receiving the text / email notification, the customer will be able to easily tap on the custom tracking link within the message to open up the new window to start tracking their deliveries (live) immediately.

Here is a sample of the email notification.

Here’s a sample of the tracking link received in Text/SMS.

When your customers click or tap on the tracking link, they will be able to see the live map with the driver’s icon moving towards them.

Should you wish to set up and customize your tracking widget, you can refer to this tutorial guide.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket with us from your Detrack dashboard. Happy Tracking!