How To Let Your Customers Leave Feedback Automatically

If you would like your customers to rate and leave their feedback on your service/driver automatically after your driver has completed the job,

First, activate the option to provide feedback feature on our Tap-To-Track tracking widget

Go to Settings > Job Settings


Scroll down to the end and check the box for Goods Service Rating, Drivers Rating and Feedback Remarks


When the driver taps on Job > Camera icon > Head To Location on the app, a tracking link will be sent to the customers to inform him/her that the delivery is on its way. Upon receiving the text/email notification, the customer will be able to easily tap on the custom tracking link within the message to open up the new window to start tracking their deliveries (live) immediately.

You can customize the email notification with your own message and branding, here’s how. For text / SMS notifications, you can also customize the message too, learn more here.

Here is a sample of the email notification.


Here’s a sample of the tracking link received in Text/SMS.


When your customers click or tap on the tracking link, they will be able to see the live map with the driver’s icon moving towards them.


Once the driver completes the delivery and submits the proof of delivery, the tracking widget that the customer is on, will automatically switch to display the rating options where the customer can rate and leave feedback.



After the customer has rated and left feedback, the admin can go into dashboard job list and click on the job to open the Edit Delivery form. On the Edit Delivery form, you will be able to see the rating and feedback given by the customer.




Should you wish to download the feedback that your customers left, you can go to Jobs > Select the date on calendar > Export to File > Export to Excel.


Open the Excel file and you will be able to see the customers’ feedback on the Excel file.