How To Set Up Email And Text / SMS Notifications

Our rule-based email and text / SMS notification feature allows users to send email and text messages to customers, company staff or any other person who needs to receive those messages based on event triggers.

Follow the steps below to setup notifications:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Fill in the Email Settings tab to personalize your email notifications (optional but highly recommended).
  3. Go to Text / SMS settings tab and connect to your third party sms provider (optional – required if you wish to send text messages via Detrack).
  4. Register an account with one of the following list of Text / SMS providers:
    • Vonage(Nexmo) – Enter your Vonage(Nexmo) API key and Vonage(Nexmo) API Secret into fields.
    • Twilio – Enter your Twilio Account SID and Twilio Auth Code into the fields.
    • 8×8 (Wavecell) – Enter your 8×8 (Wavecell) API key into the field.
    • BurstSMS – Enter your BurstSMS API key and BurstSMS Secret into the fields.
    • BulkSMS – Enter your BulkSMS Username and BulkSMS Password into the fields.
    • ReplyX – Enter your ReplyX API key into the field.
    • Exotel – Enter your Exotel API key into the field.
    • Link Mobility – Enter your Username, Password, Platform Id, Platform Partner Id and API URL into the fields.
  5. Then go to the Notification settings tab for a list of notifications that have been pre-set for you.
  6. You can click on any existing notification to edit it or click on the Add Notification button to add a new notification (or trigger event).

Setting up notifications

Configuring event triggers

The following is the list of available event triggers that you can use to fire off notifications.

Event Trigger when
Info-received New job is added (initial status can be In Progress or In-Transit)
Scheduled Tracking widget status changed to “Scheduled”
Pre-job Date and time is set 1 – 5 days before job date
Heading to Driver tap “Head To Location” on Detrack app
Arrived Driver tap “Arrived At Location” on Detrack app
Completed A job is completed
Partially Completed A job is partially completed
Failed A job is not completed
Job Delayed The Live ETA time exceeds the provided ETA time

Follow the steps below to configure the trigger:

  1. From the Add Notification form, go to the Trigger tab.
  2. Select the Detrack Job Type i.e Job (Delivery + Collection) / Delivery / Collection.
  3. Select the Events that will trigger the notification.
  4. Select the Group that you wish to filter. If no Group is selected, then notifications be sent for all jobs regardless of Group.
  5. If the Failed event is selected, you will be able to select a failed Reason to filter. If no Reason is selected, then notifications will be sent for all failed jobs regardless of Reason.
  6. If the Pre-job event is selected, you will be able to select which day and what time to send notifications.
    1. For the Pre-job Sending Date option, you can select up to 5 days prior to the scheduled date to send the notification.
    2. For the Pre-job Sending Time option, you can select the time of the selected day (above) to send the notification.

Customizing email notifications

Follow the steps below to customize your email notifications:

  1. Go to the Email tab.
  2. For the Send Email to switch option, select the field containing the email address that you wish to notify when the event is triggered. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any email by not selecting any field.
    Tip: The Notify email field can be found in the Add Delivery form where you would usually enter the customer’s email address.
  3. If you wish to notify other email recipients such as internal staff or 3rd party contractors, enter their email addresses (one per line) in the Other Fixed Emails box provided. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any email to others by leaving the field empty.
  4. Type your customized email subject and content in the Email Subject and Email body.
  5. Select the type of attachment (PDFTIFFImages or No attachment) to be included in the email notification from the Attachment dropdown box.

Customizing text / SMS notifications

  1. Go to the Text / SMS tab.
  2. For the Send Text / SMS to option, select the field containing the mobile number that you wish to notify when the event is triggered. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any text by not selecting any field.
    Tip: The Phone no. and Sender phone no. fields can be found in the Add Delivery form where you would usually enter the customer’s phone number.
    If you cannot find Sender phone no. in the form, go to Settings > Delivery and enable the field Sender phone no.
  3. If you wish to notify other recipients such as internal staff or 3rd party contractors, enter their mobile numbers (one per line) in the Other Fixed Numbers box provided. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any text to others by leaving the field empty.
  4. Type your customized text message in the Text / SMS body field.
  5. A tracking link will be included in your text message after the text body. The link, when tapped on smartphones, will send the recipients to a direct tracking page where they can easily track the status of their deliveries. The recipients will also be able to rate the Goods / Service, the Driver, as well as provide feedback regarding the delivery to you.
    Tip: if you do not wish to include a tracking link in your text / SMS, simply uncheck the Include tracking link option.
    To be able to collect ratings and feedbacks via the tracking page, you need to enable the fields Goods Service RatingDriver Rating and Feedback Remarks via Settings > Delivery > Fields.
  6. Click Save and send text notification button to send a sample text notification to the test phone number or click Save to save your settings.
    Note #1: the maximum number of characters for a text message is 160. If the resulting message is longer than 160, it will be broken down into two or more text messages and you will be charged accordingly in your SMS provider account.
    Note #2: our default text / SMS template may use up to 2 messages per notification. You may want to shorten it before you start sending notifications to your customers.

You can create new multiple event triggers for each type of event listed. For example, you can create a Pre-job event to send text / SMS up to 5 days before the delivery and another Pre-job event to send text / SMS 1 day before the job at a specific time.

To create a new notification, click on the Add Notification button, fill in the details and click Save.

Tag Reference

Tag Definition
{{name}} Name of the deliver to / collect from customer
{{do_no}} D.O.#
{{type}} Type of job in Upper case (Delivery, Collection)
{{type | downcase}} Type of job in lower case (delivery, collection)
{{address}} Job address
{{tracking_link}} Short link to tracking widget
{{complete_by}} Job to be completed by date
{{time}} Delivery / Collection time
{{tracking_status | downcase}} Status of job in lower case (completed, failed)
{{payment_amount}} Payment amount to be collected
{{payment_mode}} Mode of payment (COD)
{{pod_day}} Day of the POD captured
{{pod_date}} Date of the POD captured
{{pod_time}} Time of the POD captured
{{received_by}} Parcel received by or send by (name)
{{reason}} Reason for Failed status (Wrong address)
{{note}} Notes from driver
{{tracking_no}} Tracking no.
{{order_no}} Order #
{{job order}} Order of the job to be completed
{{company}} Company name
{{job_status}} Job status (in progress, in-transit)
{{customer}} Customer name
{{acc_no}} Account #
{{invoice_no}} Invoice #
{{invoice_amt}} Invoice Amount
{{source}} Source
{{assign_to}} Assign to driver
{{boxes}} Boxes
{{bins}} Bins
{{bundles}} Bundles
{{cartons}} Cartons
{{cbm}} Cubic Metres
{{envelopes}} Envelopes
{{pallets}} Pallets
{{pcs}} Pieces
{{trays}} Trays
{{weight}} Weight
{{sno}} Serial #
{{handled_by}} Received by / Collect from
{{actual_utilization}} Actual utilization
{{actual weight}} Actual weight
{{actual pallets}} Actual Pallets
{{actual crates}} Actual crates
{{paid}} Paid
{{temp}} Temperature
{{driver_phone}} Phone number of driver
{{attachment_url}} Attachement URL
{{eta}} ETA (Estimated time for Head to Location, entered through Driver App)
{{eta_time}} ETA (Estimated time of Arrival, entered through Dashboard)