How To Personalize Customer Email Notifications

You can personalize what your customers see when they receive email notifications on their collections and deliveries.


  1. On your admin dashboard, click on the Settings tab.
    Then click on Notification.
  1. Click on Email Settings tab.

Under the Email Settings tab, you will be able to customise the Reply to Email, Send From Name and Signature.

Reply to Email
The email address that your customers reply to if they reply the email. This is usually set to your sales email e.g.

Send From Name
The name of the sender that your customers will see in the job notification emails. This is usually set to your company or service name.

Offers you an opportunity to sign off with a “thank you” to your customers at the bottom of the job notification emails. This is usually set to phrases such as:

  1. Thank you for your business!
  2. Thank you for choosing our company!
  3. Thank you for using our services and we look forward to serving you again!
  4. Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you come again soon!
  5. Thank you for buying our products. Feel free to contact us if you need any help installing or using our products.
Insert company logo

You will be able to insert your company logo in the email notification as well. Learn how to insert your company logo.

To add contents to your email notification, scroll down to Notifications Settings section and click on the individual event to write your personalise your email to internal staffs or customers.

Tag Definition
{{name}} Name of the deliver to / collect from customer
{{do_no}} D.O. No.
{{date}} Date of the Delivery / Collection job.
{{type}} Type of job in Upper case (Delivery, Collection)
{{type | downcase}} Type of job in lower case (delivery, collection)
{{address}} Job address
{{group_name}} Group
{{tracking_link}} Short link to tracking widget
{{complete_by}} Job to be completed by date
{{time}} Delivery / Collection time
{{tracking_status | downcase}} Status of job in lower case (completed, failed)
{{payment_amount}} Payment amount to be collected
{{payment_mode}} Mode of payment (COD)
{{pod_day}} Day of the POD captured
{{pod_date}} Date of the POD captured
{{pod_time}} Time of the POD captured
{{received_by}} Parcel received by or send by (name)
{{reason}} Reason for Failed status (Wrong address)
{{note}} Notes from driver
{{tracking_no}} Tracking no.
{{order_no}} Order No.
{{job_order}} Order of the job to be completed
{{company}} Company name
{{job_status}} Job status (in progress, in-transit)
{{customer}} Customer name
{{acc_no}} Account No.
{{invoice_no}} Invoice No.
{{invoice_amt}} Invoice Amount
{{source}} Source
{{attachment_url}} Attachment URL link
{{service_type}} Service Type
{{assign_to}} Assign to driver
{{boxes}} Boxes
{{bins}} Bins
{{bundles}} Bundles
{{cartons}} Cartons
{{cbm}} Cubic Meters
{{envelopes}} Envelopes
{{pallets}} Pallets
{{pcs}} Pieces
{{trays}} Trays
{{weight}} Weight
{{sno}} Serial No.
{{handled_by}} Received by / Collect from
{{actual_utilization}} Actual utilization
{{actual_weight}} Actual weight
{{actual_pallets}} Actual Pallets
{{actual_crates}} Actual crates
{{eta}} ETA (Estimated time for Head to Location, entered through Driver App)
{{eta_time}} Estimated Time of Arrival (entered through Dashboard > ETA Time field)
{{paid}} Paid
{{phone}} Phone no.
{{instructions}} Instructions
{{temp}} Temperature
{{driver_phone}} Phone number of driver
{{contactless_signature_link}} Contactless signature URL link for users to sign for their POD
{{verification_code}} A code that is automatically generated by the systems for completing/failing the job
Tag Definition
{{items}} This will return all the information in the “Item Details”.
Requires a “looping” to obtain the individual values.
Refer to snippet of code below.
Tag Description
snos Serial Number
sku Stock Keeping Unit
po_no Purchase Order Number
batch_no Batch Number
expiry Expiry
desc Description
cmts Comments
qty Quantity
uom Unit of Measurement
weight Weight

Sample code:

{% if items.size != 0 %}

SKU | Description | Qty

{% for item in items %}

{{item.sku}} | {{item.desc}} | {{item.qty}}

{% endfor %} {% endif %}