How To Enable Address Using Your Own Latitude and Longitude

For users who want to include their own Latitude and Longitude coordinates for their drivers to navigate to the correct delivery / collection destination, they can follow these steps to replace the address with latitude and longitude coordinates.

  1. On the dashboard, click on Settings > Job.
  1. Check the fields Address Latitude and Address Longitude.
  1. You may add a job delivery/collection via dashboard web form under Jobs tab > Calendar > click on a date.
  1. Choose Deliveries or Collections > +Add Delivery or +Add Collection.
  1. Enter the Address Latitude and Address Longitude fields.
  1. You may also choose to import using a CSV / Excel file with matching headers. For this instance, include headers displaying both Address lat and Address lng to upload your CSV / Excel jobs files into the system.
  • Click on Jobs tab > Calendar > Click on a date > Choose Deliveries or Collections > Import Deliveries or Import Collections
  1. Go to your driver’s smartphone app and tab on an individual job. You will come to the screen shown below.
  • On the individual job screen, you will see a purple map icon shown on the screen below.
  • Tap on the button.
  1. For the example shown, you will see the option “View Location On Map” and “Navigate Using Apple or Google Maps
  • (Depending what type of smartphone platform you’re using, you can use different maps based on what you have downloaded on your smartphone)
  • You can navigate or view the location accurately with your own Latitude and Longitude coordinates.