How To Use Advanced Search For Collections

Click on Jobs > All Collections

In your admin dashboard, click on the Jobs tab. Next click on the All Collections tab and you will see the list of all collections that have been added in or import to Detrack. Right under the All Collections tab, there is an Advanced Searchsection for you to filter and search for your collections.

The Advanced Search in collections allows you to search for collections using the following fields,

  1. D.O.#
  2. Collection date
  3. Collection time
  4. Time slot
  5. Address
  6. Collect from
  7. Job Type
  8. Group name
  9. Customer
  10. Account #
  11. Invoice #
  12. Vehicles
  13. Zone
  14. Statuses
  15. Reason
  16. Item reason
  17. SKU
  18. Item description
  19. P.O. #
  20. Batch #

You may choose to select more than one field for the search. If some of the fields do not appear, go to Settings > Collection Settings and enable the fields.

To start a new search, click on Reset to clear the current fields.


To export your serach results into Excel file,

  1. Enter the fields you like to search
  2. Click on Search Button
  3. Click on Export Button
  4. If you wish to export the item details, check the box Export with item details before clicking on Export button.
  5. Excel file will be dowloaded into your computer
  6. Save the Excel file