Status and Tracking Status

Status And Tracking Status STATUS AND TRACKING STATUS This page is about the various status and tracking_status of the JSON response, which represents different milestones of the delivery/collection process. Flow of status Value Description info_recv New job created in Detrack. New job created in Detrack. Used when information reached courier for performing delivery. Goods yet […]

Fields and Description (API version)

API Key Dashboard Field Description Data Type Example id Not Shown Unique identifier of the job assigned by Detrack upon job creation. Primary key. String 5b22055510c92b1a046ece04 type Detrack Job Type Acceptable values: Delivery Collection Default: Delivery String Delivery primary_job_status Primary Job Status Available options: in_transit info_recv dispatched on_hold return completed completed String dispatched open_to_marketplace Open […]

How To Use Detrack To Submit Employees’ Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Results

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are strongly encouraged to commence regular testing for employees who work on-site. Use Detrack’s award-winning electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solution to easily track and conveniently store your employees’ ART results. Your employees can now simply capture and submit their ART results on the Detrack app, while you […]

Detrack Fields For Jobs

This article is regarding the fields and descriptions of the Job in Detrack. Field Description Data Type Example Variable Tags for SMS / Email Notifications Detrack Job Type There two types of jobs in Detrack. They are Delivery or Collection jobs. When creating a job, you have to indicate the type of job by choosing […]