How To Set A Job Time Window For A Route

This article will provide the steps on how to set a Job Time Window for a Job in Detrack Route Optimization. The time window refers to the period when the job is meant to be performed., i.e. when the customer is at home to receive the parcel, or when the shop / office is operating. Note: If your existing route contains a completed job, you will be unable to edit the route.


  1. Navigate to Routes.
  2. Create a new route or select an existing one.
  3. In the Routing page, select a Job and click the Edit button. (For an optimized route, you will need to click on the Edit route button first)
  4. The job panel will appear. Scroll down to Delivery Time window to edit time window values. Click on Save Button. After saving, the job will have a tag showing the entered Time Window.

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