Exceeds expectations, simple integration, fantastic support.
Detrack helps us jumpstart our logistic service with its user friendly system and simple integration. They always wow me with new features and service that is enriching the platform.
The team is the best – they are very cooperative and supportive, they are always available and quick to respond.

Intan Saraswati

The benefits of Detrack delivery tracking system is multifold: ease of use, cost-effective and providing real-time information and intelligence to facilitate job coordination to our CS Team and any interested parties thereby improving overall customer service level. The Tap To Track function adds another layer of customer satisfaction through its provision of Uber-like visibility via customers’ mobile gadgets. The team at Detrack is extremely helpful. Especial thanks to Dason, Daniel, Joshua and Terence for their tip-top responsiveness to our queries and concerns. It is indeed a delight to work with all of you!

Ker Mei Lin
Kerry Distribution (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Easy to use and configure – fantastic driver application that is user-friendly and simple, yet very functional. Customer feedback has been very impressive. Thank you for producing such a fantastic product, and I look forward to seeing your business develop.

Shane Monk
Monkat Food Service Logistics

So the first week of using your software I couldn’t be more happy and relieved. My job of typing in BOL’s for the days delivery went from 30-45 to under 3 minutes with Detrack. Including filing the paperwork of signed copies from the previous day’s deliveries went from 20-25 minutes to under 2 minutes with a couple emails.

Again thank you for the amazing service and customer support. Our customers love it, the sales reps are ecstatic and last but not least our old-school drivers find it very simple and quicker and more efficient than paper.

Gord Chaney
Ontario Forage Processor

I just wanted to take a moment to say what a fantastic product you have. We just completed a rollout of Detrack for 25 vehicles across 4 warehouse locations. The feedback from our drivers was all positive, great interface & very easy to use. It’s a major upgrade over what we had previously.

From an IT point of view, your API is fantastic, we have been able to integrate with our WMS & ERP without any hassle. Your prompt response to our queries and questions is much appreciated.

Keep up the good work.

Leigh Hogan
Harvey Norman, Commercial Division

Regarding the app, it is practical to use, efficient and very complete as well. I have an absolutely good experience using it.

Leon Zanon Chimenti
GoLog Pty Ltd

Totally amazing app. This is a game changer especially for SME’s in the last mile transportation industry.

The app was easy for our drivers to use and the dashboard was quick and easy to customise for our business. Customers loved the fact that they got notifications of their delivery and the details of it almost in real time.

Detrack customer service is amazing. Completely helpful to the very end.

If you are in the transportation business install it and use it. You can’t go wrong.

Bevan Agard
Ministry of Finance, Trinidad & Tobago

We got very pleasant surprise today, the Finnish app is great. Everything is working perfectly. And for us, Detrack seems to be one of the best solutions for B2C deliveries. It really took our business to next level!

Thanks to Detrack, we are the first company in Finland who are sharing driver’s location to end-customers. Detrack has brought us many new customers, and growth is not stopping!

Väinö Välja

Thank you for making an app designed for ease of use for the driver. This is what makes your app such a winner, compared to the others that we tried!

Nadine Shaalan
In&Out Publications, LLC

We came across the Detrack program a couple of years ago, and it was exactly what we were looking for. It combined all the aspects of delivery tracking that we required in an excellent user interface. No matter who is using it be the Manager creating the collections and deliveries, the driver making the deliveries, or the client receiving the goods, they all agree that the interface is extremely easy to use.

Also the Detrack service team have always been extremely helpful with any queries or requests that we have had, and have always had a solution back to us almost immediately which is an excellent service.

Graham Wilson
London legal

We utilise technology as much as we can in our business to keep our overheads and prices as low as possible. The Detrack solution absolutely does everything we need and much more, I would highly recommend Detrack to any business.

Chris Moss
MossyOffice.com Ltd

We signed up a few weeks back with Detrack for our delivery system and so far we are loving it. Well done guys for creating something that allows SMEs like us to manage delivery like professionals!

Ronald Utama
Thirsty Beer Shop

We have found Detrack’s team not only open to feedback and ideas, but highly responsive in implementing new functions. This, combined with excellent customer support, makes Detrack our provider of choice.

Paul Menadue
Transfleur Pty Ltd

The best point of delivery app. It’s easy to use and takes very little estate on your device. The support team is excellent, very helpful, and responsive.

Reginald Williams
Austin Fire Department

Being able to send photo PODs to our clients upon the completion of our setups (the brides are usually not around at that time) has greatly boosted the trust and satisfaction our clients have towards our services.

Deline Tan

Excellent proof of delivery app! Integrated into our ERP and had all our drivers using this in 1 week. Simple and easy to use!

Dimirti Kambas
Clippa Sales South Africa

As a florist, customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities. Detrack has not only allowed us to better manage our delivery operations, it has also enabled us to delight our customers with real-time delivery notifications.

Darrence Koh
Florist.sg Llp

I managed to get Detrack working in no time. Please inform the entire team what a great system they have developed.

Dale Kerswell
Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser

Detrack is very easily implemented and its interface is very intuitive. Looking forward to integrating this into our workflow as soon as possible.

Chua Teng Thiam
Proactive Professional Services Pte Ltd

Overall a very happy customer and look forward to many more years with you all. Thanks for helping out my delivery business so much over this last year and can’t wait to see how you all continue to improve in 2017.

Alex Burns
Life Without Laundry