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Case Study with Pan Logistics – Providing Customers Real-Time Proof of Deliveries

Each day, 1.2 million deliveries are being made in Australia alone. Logistics companies have to ensure whatever that is needed to be delivered, gets delivered – and on time. With 55% of Australians receiving an online parcel each month, the race to provide the best customer experience is on. Expectations [...]


Three Keys To Supply Chain Visibility Through A Cloud

The importance of supply chain visibility has certainly grown to a level that logistics companies can no longer ignore. With increased global trade brought about primarily by the popularity of e-commerce, it is essential that logistics companies look for sustainable systems to increase their efficiency to position themselves for [...]


Issue 9 – Have You Seen Your Latest Dashboard?

Hi there, If you have not logged in to your Detrack dashboard today, you may not have seen the latest changes in the Vehicles tab interface. One of our pipelined developments is to make your Vehicles tab more useful for your operations. In the past, you would get a green vehicle [...]