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The Annual Revenue Base Of The Global 3PL Industry Is Now Estimated To Be Nearly $750 Billion

It is evident how the world’s demand for last mile deliveries have created the demand and tremendously increased the revenue potential of 3PLS. Quoting from an article by Robert C. Lieb, PH.D Professor Of Supply Chain Management at the D’Amore-Mckim School of Business at Northeastern University, “The scale of the 3PL [...]


Issue 9 – Have You Seen Your Latest Dashboard?

Hi there, If you have not logged in to your Detrack dashboard today, you may not have seen the latest changes in the Vehicles tab interface. One of our pipelined developments is to make your Vehicles tab more useful for your operations. In the past, you would get a green vehicle [...]


Issue 5 – Goodies Packed in Detrack’s Revamped Dashboard & Mobile App

Hi there, Greetings from Team Detrack! Our latest launch in August unveiled many goodies for our users including top wish list items like creating Sub-Users / Accounts and Contacts (Address Book). Here’s a real quick review of what is new and what has been improved on Detrack’s dashboard & Mobile Apps. [...]