Press Release – Recent Case Study Reveals Logistics Resolutions

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Press Release – Recent Case Study Reveals Logistics Resolutions


Recent Case Study Reveals Logistics Resolutions

OCTOBER 20, 2014 – A recent case study between Vehicle Tracking and Proof of Delivery Application Innovator Detrack and client Teak & Mahogany shows the benefits received by the client, including cost savings, optimization of resources, and an elevated level of customer service.

Teak & Mahogany identified two major issues with their company’s delivery strategy: communicating individual delivery issues and tracking daily deliveries. After searching for a robust proof of delivery and vehicle tracking solution, the company’s search revealed that the cost of such a system is estimated to be $10,000+ with an annual renewal fee. Soon after, Teak & Mahogany found Detrack.

“Detrack has solved our problems very efficiently and put us ahead of our competition in terms of customer service…. At such an affordable price, it is a must-have for all businesses that deal with deliveries,” said Teak & Mahogany’s Export and Marketing Manager Philip Jensen.

With Detrack’s vehicle tracking and proof of delivery app, Teak & Mahogany is now able to track deliveries and customer issues in real-time. The operations team gained full visibility of their delivery fleet, delivery progress and problems encountered.

The Detrack app on their drivers’ smartphones sends back delivery information to the operations team within seconds each time a delivery is completed. Delivery information is also disseminated through instant emails to relevant support staff and to customers. Information flow now happens with full automation from start to end.

Teak & Mahogany has also made significant savings in time and cost. They made use of Detrack’s paperless system to cut down 70% of the paper and the amount of ink cartridges needed to print delivery orders and invoices. In addition, Teak & Mahogany has reduced their storage needs for archived paper delivery orders, and the time spent in retrieving historical paper delivery orders.

With a dramatic decrease in customer complaints and calls to enquire delivery progress, the customer support team has saved significant man-hours. With the real time information fed back, customer support staffs are able to timely follow up with customers elevating the level of customer satisfaction with Teak & Mahogany.

More information about Detrack can be found at
Refer to full article of case study with Teak & Mahogany here.

About Detrack

Detrack offers a simplified way for companies and their clients to track deliveries and reduce customer calls and complaints. Detrack’s proof of delivery app bundles powerful features such as vehicle tracking, proof of delivery, real-time notifications, and automated delivery updates to customers into one affordable, innovative service.


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