Terence Yee

Business Development Manager

Listening, Learning, Sharing – that’s just me in a nutshell.

On a personal level, my greatest passion is to travel the world especially to China, Vietnam and Indonesia, to experience how locals live their everyday lives. I seek to understand and appreciate the simplicity as well as challenges of each society by interacting and making friends with the locals.

At work, I thrive with an amicable personality yet being able to have my own unique perspective. Coupled with the ability to adapt to different environments, I have had been able to excel in the different roles I had assumed in different business sectors.

Having worked in several sectors ranging from Government, Banking Services, Expatriate Management and MNCs further enhanced my capabilities in engineering workflows from available technology and other existing resources, to give an organization the greatest business agility possible.

As Detrack’s Business Development Manager, I have the opportunity to go to places where I love and to get to know and work closely with people from more than 45 countries.

Every day becomes an exciting adventure and my work in Detrack brings me so much fun that I no longer have to work for another day in my life!