Johnny Tan

Senior Software Engineer

Being in the engineering industry for over 13 years have allowed me to take up various roles and positions which includes machine maintenance, vision systems program development & deployment, and design of jig & fixture among others. My years in engineering has also exposed me to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Besides engineering, I’ve always enjoyed coding. Coding has always piqued my interest and managing to write a successful application – no matter how simple – never fails to give me a sense of elation and satisfaction. Throughout my engineering career, I’ve written applications to automate some workflow for both my team and myself.

Being able to learn and do coding for a living urged me to take a risk and make a career switch to IT. It’s one of the best decision I’ve made. Ever.

After several web development courses and working on some freelance projects, I’m finally where I want to be, doing what I like most, as a Software Engineer for Detrack.