Hilary Cheong

Software Engineer

After exposing myself to a multitude of programs and software while studying for my Marine & Offshore Engineering Diploma, I’ve become curious to the various ways a program can satisfy your needs.

My time as an Admin Assistant at Sompo Insurance have also gave me the experience to deal with customers’ needs and the different ways to achieve it. The information displayed on a program should always be what the customer need, no matter if it’s for UAT testing, data entry, or dispatching of documents.

All my past experience has finally led me to Detrack Systems as a Systems Support Engineer. Today, I handle users from all around the world with very specific needs.

To help them achieve these needs for their business, I am able to make use of the skills that I have learnt in my previous jobs while learning new skills in Detrack. I am thankful to be able to work together with a team with the common goal to help these users and be on the lookout for potential issues before they even occur.

Know your users, know your goals, provide solutions to achieve their needs.