Gabrielline Oliveiro

Creative Designer

I’ve always been a quiet kid.

Daydreams were part of my daily routine, and believe me – I had plenty of dreams. More importantly, I had ideas and aspirations.

Creativity is in my blood. As a kid, I could transform junk into art. And then take those masterpieces and make use of them to perform in plays, to sing, and to dance. Something which – to this day – fills me with indescribable pleasure and satisfaction.

When I am motivated to achieve something, nothing (besides, maybe a quick social media stalking session of Jared Leto) will stop me until I am satisfied with the results. I believe that it’s the journey that makes the destination worth it.

As a creative individual, I love discovery and being innovative. I love anything that intrigues me and challenges my curiosity.
I chose to pursue a course in Mechatronics engineering as I’m a visual learner, and I love hands-on works and projects. So this works hand in hand with me.

It was an opportunity I could use to be creative, at the same time learning and making use of technology and create moving mechanical art 🙂

My role in Detrack seems like destiny (I love being dramatic, you’ve been warned), and fits me like a glove. I get to continue making good use of technology and constantly learn just how beneficial it is in our everyday life. Plus, I get to connect with people regularly to enlighten (explain is such a boring word) them on how Detrack can solve their delivery issues; especially during the part that matters most – the last mile.

With that, I hope to meet you – either virtually or in person – soon. I’m sure we’ll have loads to discuss!