Fanny See

COO & Co-Founder

I excite in the challenges each new day brings. As a big believer that nothing is impossible, I rally my team into action.

As the co-founder of Detrack Systems, we bring to life how nothing is impossible! As a team, we have achieved so much within a short span of 2 years since production. In June 2016, we celebrate our success in powering close to 3 million completed jobs from more than 40 countries worldwide.

Very exciting times lies ahead with our expansion plans to power next day as well as same day deliveries worldwide. Detrack takes care of the tech necessaries to power businesses and marketplaces with all the heavy lifting. Managing your last mile deliveries has never been easier.

We are launching our route optimization module soon too – we are extremely proud of the algorithm that took us near 3 years to perfect.

Watch out world! One of the fastest route optimization solution that can cater to more than 20 different constrains is coming your way!

In Detrack, we execute the impossible.