Dason Goh

CEO & Founder

I am a dreamer.

I dream of taking on the toughest problems plaguing businesses today and pushing entire industries in new directions, even if it means disrupting the old ways of how things should work.

In fact, the thought of disrupting the disrupters gets me even more excited. Just like in Detrack, at a time when traditional businesses are being disrupted by startups equipped with better last mile technology, we return power to ‘businesses on the streets’ by equipping them with the very same technology that is disrupting them.

And I don’t just dream. I execute.

Disruptive technology. Change. New. All these are merely big words if we can’t bring them to life, if the people we are trying to empower resist the change themselves.

That is why I am never in a race to build the most advanced technology or one with the most features. A solution is technically not solving any problem unless people or businesses are actually using it.

At Detrack, we spend a lot of our time designing and perfecting our funnel – the path which a user takes from visiting our website, to signing up for an account, to performing a test run, to purchasing additional licenses, to deploying Detrack, and to ultimately solving the problems we are designed to solve.

I believe in technology. But more importantly, I believe in making technology work for people.

Reach out if you want to talk business, technology or Detrack.