Charles Tan

Systems Support Engineer

“You can’t solve a problem until you’re asking the right question.”

My curiosity, for better or worse, has always lead me to question why things work, and whether there is a way to make it work better, faster, and more efficiently.

My years in analytical chemistry have intensified my thirst for spotting patterns and looking for solutions to solve equations or problems; which have also led me to produce scientific publications on Organocatalysis and other related subject matters.

I know the equations and problems that I had worked hard to solve, and the scientific publications that I produced would benefit others in the long-run. But there’s always this lingering thought in my head that I should explore the world beyond Chemistry.

I wanted to learn and do more to help people solve their problems.

When the opportunity came along for me to take on a certification in advanced web development, I jumped on it and fell in love instantly.

IT has simply been amazing and I quickly found out how much it excites and interests me. It provided me with new perceptions of how IT can be used in practical day to day operations to automate and make work more efficient for others – and even fun!

Today, I am on a new runway. I have joined Detrack as a Systems Support Engineer. With users from all over the world making use making use of Detrack to run their business, I am able to help people with their issues, while working together with a team to spot patterns and continuously look out for potential issues before they even occur.

Identify problems, solve those problems, and help people.

As a Systems Support Engineer at Detrack, I get to be exactly what I am, doing what I love.